My Programs

Program Name File Size (KB) Description Downloadable Files
Calcul-8-r 81.50 A calculator that can also perform some more advanced functions. EXE
Function Guide
CanvasTest 10.44 A rudimetary drawing application, created in Java. ZIP
Clock 46.00 A program that shows the current date and time of your computer. EXE
Date Calculator 54.50 A program that gives the day of the week for two selected dates and the amount of days separating the two. EXE
The Elements After Install:
1,945.60 (1.90 MB)
A program that allows you to select an element's name, atomic number, or symbol, and shows you information about that element. *IMPORTANT: Vista users should run the installed program as an administrator (right-click the program shortcut and select Run as Administrator). Install (939.78 KB)
ZIP (877.78 KB)
Firefox Custom Search Creator 80.50 A program that you can used to create your own custom Firefox search. Not endorsed by Mozilla (doubt it even knows about it). EXE
Free Space Calculator v2.6.2 After Install:
Calculates the amount of free space on any drive that you specify. In version 2.6, it also allows you to store a frequently used drive for easy access and forecast the damage done after downloading large files. Install (145.75 KB)
Free Space Calculator v2.0 125.50 EXE
HTML Tools 86.00 A program that makes valid HTML generation easy. You can choose from the HTML 4 specification, or the XHTML 1 specification. It can also generate XML and save code directly. EXE
Magic Fix 20.00 Want to prank your friends? Want to bring temporary agony to someone you hate? Then tell them about this program. It simply is a file cleaner—gone horribly wrong. This harmless program pretends to wipe your whole hard drive of every file. EXE
Random Number Generator 47.50 A program that randomly generates binary, decimal, hexadecimal, or alphanumeric sequences. EXE
RSA Encrypter 22.50 A program that generates RSA/PKE keys when given two prime numbers. EXE
Search Buddy 61.00 A program that allows you to search the Internet without opening you browser to do so. EXE
Text Editor 33.00 All I can say about this is that it's like Windows Notepad version 0.1. EXE
Timer 64.00 A simple count-down or count-up timer. EXE
Typing Speed Calculator 20.50 A program that calculates your typing speed. EXE
Typing Test 4.98 A simple program that emulates the typing of a computer user. ZIP
Vista File Extension Creator 101.50 XP had a great file extension editor, you just open it up and alter the extensions; however, with Vista, one must delve into the depths of the registry and alter the extension information there. For those who refuse to enter the registry, this program does that for you. Although, it can add new extensions, to protect the registry it doesn't alter or remove existing entries. EXE
Visual Basic Task Manager After install:
The Visual Basic Task Manager is a simple program that can keep track of tasks that you create with it. Those tasks can be anything - appointments, school due dates, important dates, etc. This is a simple program - not as sophisticated as Outlook or Sunbird. EXE

Other Types of Programs

Name Type File Size (KB) Included Elements... Link to File
Cards Custom Namespace 6.50 Playing Cards (class), CardValues (enum), InvalidCardException (class) DLL
Countdown Applet Java Applet 5.38 CountdownApplet (class), CountdownPanel (class), index (HTML file/How to customize instructions). ZIP