Hi, I'm Cyndaquazy (pronounced Sin-duh-kway-zee), but you already knew that (hopefully). I'm fairly young and love to be mysterious. I also consider myself very intellectual, a semi-perfectionist, and a little egocentric. Just for those who are curious, I am a Caucasian male and I'm still in school.

I currently live in the Southeastern United States, but I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and lived there up until the age of 5. I was born at 06:35 EST (13:35 South African Time) on November 4, sometime before the new millennium. My current classes are fairly advanced for my grade, and I excel in them (my lowest grade on the last report card was a 93% in English). I tend to have "I-want-to-challenge-people" and "I-want-to-tell-something-you-probably-didn't-know" tendencies and therefore, you'll find a lot of mainly useless, yet interesting, information on this site.

My Interests/Hobbies

As you probably deduced, I am a Pokémon Fan (been so since Generation III), and love to do Pokémon-/video game-related activities. I also love to work on this website, and program computers. Although I love computer programming overall, I can lose enthusiasm for a project if I don't feel that I am 100% committed to it (and as such, there can be unfinished programs on my computer). I'm fascinated by foreign alphabets and odd Latin/non-English characters such as æ, ē, and ü.

My Family

There are four people in my family. There is my "do-all-the-work-because-nobody-else-does" mom, my "I'm-the-man-of-the-house" dad, my "annoy-the-sanity-out-of-my-brother" sister, and me. Also living with use are two cats. One cat is a little one, formally named Asterix, but generally referred to as Porkchop, as Mom claims he sees her as a pork chop because he is always wanting food. The other cat is a chubby one, named Zeus, but referred to as Forklift, because in order to pick him up, a forklift is needed. As you can see, my family is very unusual.

About My "Username"

Hi, I'm Cyndaquazy, as you probably already know..........What? You think my name's unusual? How'd I come up with it? I just means "Cyndaquil crazy". Plus, I love word manipulation.

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is through email, preferably webmaster at this domain or cyndaquazy at gmail dot com.

I am...

I am a Tyranitar! Quick facts about me. Cyndaquazy dictionary entry.

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Binary Barcode

My name in a form of binary barcode.

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